About us

Who we are

BALTO LINK is an independent insurance broker company deploying intellectual and financial capital of Danish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian origin to provide premier risk management and insurance solutions to the clients in the Baltic’s area since 2000.  BALTO LINK has 8 fully operating offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

BALTO LINK is Baltic's 3rd largest insurance broker company, servicing over 4.000 large and mid-sized companies in various industries of services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail.  Our leadership and competences in industrial and complex insurance solutions are well known and regarded by clients and industry specialists throughout the region.  Furthermore, we service over 100.000 private clients.

We have selected some of the best specialists from insurance and other industries in the Baltic market, and continue to seek and employ some of the brilliant minds to provide our clients premier insurance handling and risk management services. In the Baltic area we currently employ over 170 highly skilled specialists, whose experience in insurance industry varies between 2 and 30 years.

Possessing strong team of professionals enables us to provide unique, exceptional and tailor-made solutions to our clients. We take our job seriously, yet enthusiastically and passionately.

Over the last decade BALTO LINK staff in the Baltics successfully handled over 20 insured losses in excess of 250 thousand EUR, including:

  • 18,4 million EUR fire loss settled in 2003
  • 1,35 million EUR sales credit loss settled in 2006
  • 1,22 million EUR snow pressure loss settled in 2011

We continuously look for ways how to improve our services and offer better value to our clients, outperforming their expectations. Therefore, we constantly seek clients’ challenges to prove that we are the best to provide insurance broker services!